A story of freshness


Bees at Work

Holistic Healer and Consultant, Brianna Allen, is the founder of Zen’Ergy Holistics, a holistic company that promotes mental, physical, and spiritual healing and energization. 


The creation of Zen’Ergy began with a spiritual awakening in high school. Who knew that a simple conversation and copious research of chakras and crystals would awaken my passion for holistic healing and care? From excursions to crystal shops in Little Five Points to experiencing crystal saunas in Jeju spa, I was able to really understand and cherish the positive energies and benefits of holistic care. However, Zen’Ergy was nothing but an idea until November 4, 2019, when a bee landed on my right shoulder.  Now, while I would've been frightened any other time, I had an epiphany. I felt that this was a sign.


 With immediate research, I discovered when a bee lands upon a person without stinging them they sense a good spirit within that individual. The act additionally represents prosperity and motivation to take on a newly planned venture. Little did that bee know, it initiated my proactiveness in creating Zen’Ergy that same day, and I am so grateful and appreciative. Zen’Ergy not only focuses on holistic healing and care but also advocates for bees. For that reason, Zen’Ergy is more than just products and services; it’s a way of living in light, love, wellness, health as well as giving back to the Earth that is nurturing and inhabiting us.