our sustainability initiative

All of our products are natural and organic, and packaged organically.


The burlap pouch

At Zen’Ergy, we are aware of the unsustainable production and consumption rates around the world. To initiate change in our community, We are growing to be more sustainable and ethical every day. You can see these changes in our upgraded packaging as now, ¾ is fully sustainable or recycled.


We take pride in our sustainability initiative and advise all customers to order a recycled burlap pouch with every purchase. The Zen’Ergy Crystal Pouches are reusable and highly advised to be recycled or upcycled upon completion of usage. These actions help to reduce production rates and usage of resources.

If you’ve read our Bee Story you understand the multitude of their importance to Zen’Ergy. To express our gratitude we are contributing to the bees and other highly important pollinators. Though small and seemingly invisible, they’re just as important in the making of our entire environmental sustainability. The proceeds from every order bought with a Zen’Ergy Crystal Pouch will all go to Pollinator Partnership at https://www.pollinator.org/donate.


 Please learn more lessons on recycling, biodiversity, and sustainability to apply them where you can in your lives. Be responsible for the role you play on Earth. Ignorance is no longer bliss. Love!



*There is an opt-out option for the Zen’Ergy Crystal Pouch at checkout.