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Preguntas más frecuentes

  • How do I Choose a Crystal?
    The process of choosing a crystal should be natural. Remember that crystals come to us and not the other way around. Choose what stands out to you or seems to be calling your spirit. Whether in person or online, trust that you’ll find what you need, and it’ll happen. If you need more help figuring out which crystal is best for you or personalizing a combination of crystals, schedule a 15-minute consultation with us via our chat or here
  • How do I go about Charging and Cleansing crystal(s)?
    Cleansing your crystals is ideal after first buying them; this helps remove all of the old attached energy. There are four main ways to cleanse your crystals: Sound (singing bowl, tuning fork) Smoke (herbal smudging, incense) Salt and/or water (Himalayan salt, sea salt) *Careful not all crystals are suitable for water. Light (Sunlight or Moonlight) Choose which method you’d like to use and cleanse! Charging your crystals helps to revitalize their energy and is a great time to assign an intention to that crystal. Creating intention with your crystals helps to remember a specific use that you currently need from that crystal. Ways to charge crystals: Light (sunlight or moonlight) Other crystals (Selenite, clear quartz) Visualization
  • How should I use my Crystal(s)?
    The best way to use your crystal is through skin-to-crystal contact. Holding it in your hand or wearing it as jewelry are great ways to keep them close as reminders of the intention you created with that crystal. There’s no specific time or method of using crystals. Another way to use your crystals is by placing them in areas that need that energy. For example, citrine would ideal for your office or business space to bring positivity and prosperity.
  • How do I make a Return or get a Refund?
    If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with a purchase. We invite you to review our policy on refunds and returns. ​ The following terms are applicable for any products that you purchased with us. ​ Return Policy
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