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27 ene 2024, 13:15 – 15:45 GMT-5
Face Reading Siminar

Face Reading Siminar

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face reading seminar

Within 2.5 hours you will be able to unlock the secrets of personality through the fascinating world of Face Language. Our seminar delves into over 60 years of scientific research, revealing how facial features convey essential traits. Learn to decipher subtle signs and understand the true expressions behind people's messages. With integrity as your compass, navigate the nuances of Face Language for personal and professional growth. Join us on this enlightening exploration of separating the message from the messenger. 


Meet Gregory Joseph, an esteemed International Master Healer with over 35 years of experience in reducing pain, healing diseases, and addressing supposedly incurable conditions worldwide. Recognized as the Healer of Healers and Transformational Mentor,

Gregory's journey into Personology began under the mentorship of Kelly Anne Gage and the late Dr. Robert Whiteside.


Gregory's profound understanding of Personology not only contributes to his healing expertise but also serves as a stepping stone for others in personal and professional relationships. His unique blend of spiritual healing and insightful knowledge

makes him a sought-after guide for celebrities, authors, and healers seeking counsel on both physical and spiritual matters of the heart. Embrace Gregory's wisdom, where awareness is the first stage of healing, unlocking the blessings of self-awareness for personal advancement and growth.

In this webinar we will cover

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