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How to Get Ready for Spring: 3 Essential Tips for a Fresh Start

The Spring Equinox represents renewal, rebirth, new growth, and all things awakened. In many traditional cultures the Spring equinox is honored as the official new year. As we transition from Winter to Spring, it’s routine to participate in “Spring Cleaning.” Decluttering the house, giving away old clothes and toys, or even removing internal personal baggage. We want to share ways that we’ll be celebrating, preparing, and honoring the Spring this year!


Many of us partake in the “spring cleaning” ritual to make room for the many new blessings that spring will bring. After all, “April showers bring May flowers.” This saying is a metaphor for sewing the seeds and watching everything bloom or come to fruition. No matter how you acknowledge the arrival of Spring, one thing remains a necessity: Sew your seeds (literally and metaphorically).



This should be the most thorough cleaning you’ve done this year. You should clean every room, bathroom, hallway, baseboard. Next, go through your old things to donate or sell. Again, spring brings the energy of renewal and new opportunities. Holding onto something (or someone) that no longer serves you mentally, physically, or spiritually is both wasteful and blocking the way for new things to arrive in your life. Make room for new things, which don’t have to be physical. Cleaning up can create space for the mind to feel free. Once you’ve completed your deep clean, it’s time to cleanse.



There are many forms and ways to cleansing.

First, pick your cleansing tool(s):

  • Sage

  • Singing Bowl

  • Smudging Herbs

  • Florida Water

  • Palo Santo

  • Incense for intention and charging the space (lavender, sage, nag champa, dragon's blood)

Once you’ve chosen, begin the cleansing and be very intentional about this. It’s your space, and the energy that no longer serves is being evicted. Remember this as you go through each room, corner, or closet. You can speak affirmations or prayers over your house while you banish the unwanted energy. Keep in mind the energy that you want to keep or establish.



You’ve cleaned, you’ve cleansed, and now it’s time to add the finishing touches. To balance out your home following the new energy and intentions that you want to establish. Maybe you want more feng shui or your home to feel homier, or you want to express yourself more. Whatever you need or don’t need, here are the perfect crystals to support you and your new intentions.

 Bonus Tips:

3 Things to-do as an initiation into Spring

  1. Make new wellness Goals

    1. The Spring equinox is the REAL start of the new ear for Mother Earth. Those "New Year's Resolutions" that you set at the start of 2024 would be better supported by the energy of Spring.

    2. i.e. yoga, eating more whole foods, drinking more water

  2. Start a garden

    1. If you're like most of the holistic community, eating from the land and living on a homestead is the dream. Why wait? Start with a small garden box or even a couple boxes in the yard.

    2. An easy goal for your Spring/Summer garden could be a salad mix or pretty flowers for your home.

    3. i.e. cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, kale, green onions, peppers, sunflowers, marigolds, small watermelon. This is a simple variety of garden flowers, fruits, and vegetables to add to your garden list this year.

  3. Get some fresh air

    1. We've been tucked inside from the cold weather (or not so cold this year), so it's time to replenish our natural vitamin D. For those with allergies, keep your remedies on deck! (*Tip- LOCAL honey helps to reduce the symptoms of allergies and offers immune building support. Local honey is highlighted because the likeness of the environment you're in is found within the honey.) Studies from the University of Siena prove that honey can assist in this way.

    2. Things like the local farmer's market, yoga in the park, hanging out at outdoor events, or even some early beach festivities would be bring both joy and healing to your mind, body, and spirit.

Remain faithful and just on your journey. And remember to be intentional. Mindful. And Stay Zen!

   Love and Gratitude!

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